Getting Started

Everything you need to know to install and configure Diesel, and create your first application.

All About Updates

This guide covers everything you need to know about constructing UPDATE queries with Diesel.

All About Inserts

Just like the last guide, but this guide covers INSERT queries.


This guide covers everything you need to know about querying data from more than one table with Diesel.

Composing Applications with Diesel

This guide covers how to structure your application, and best practices for reusing code.

Schema in Depth

Ever wondered what exactly diesel print-schema and table! are doing? This guide will walk you through exactly what code gets generated, and how it’s done.

Extending Diesel

Want to use a feature Diesel doesn’t support? Have a user defined SQL function? Wish Diesel had custom query helpers (like pagination)? This guide will cover everything you need to know about extending Diesel with new functionality.

Configuring Diesel CLI

This guide will cover all available configuration options in diesel.toml, and what they do.

Diesel 2.0 migration guide

This guide contains information about how to resolve breaking changes while updating from Diesel 1.4.x to Diesel 2.0